Monday, October 24, 2011

The Wease Show

Yesterday I met a nice guy and his family while I was riding muni at Webster Park. It turns out the guy is Jamie of The Wease Show.  He mentioned me on the show today and it sounds like he's gonna give unicycling a try.

Here's the relevant audio from the show:

From the show's daily rundown:
The guy was on a freaking unicycle
Jamie went for a walk at the park over the weekend with his family and was flabergasted when a man went blowing by him.  You will NEVER guess what this guy was doing.  We made a contest out of that question.. because we're trying to get everyone to go to Arrowhead Haunted Hayride in Spencerport.  Wease actually went there over the weekend, brought the kids, and loved it.. so he wants to give away passes seeing as how this weekend is the final weekend that it was open.  So anyway.. the guy that passed Jamie in the park.. he was on a freaking unicycle!! 

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