Sunday, March 18, 2012

P90X - Phase 2 Complete

I've made it through Phase 2 of my P90X workout!
It's been difficult to stick with it.  I do all my workouts in the evenings because that's what my schedule allows.  Sometimes I'm super tired from a long day, or had an evening obligation and have to start my workout close to 10pm.  I've been sick for nearly a week and have been pushing through best I can.  I just had my "recovery" week for Phase 2 which has less strenuous workouts, but still I did nothing one day and replaced a stretch day with yoga.  Since the stretch day was optional, I'm satisfied with that.

Today I should be starting Phase 3 but I'm feeling crappy so I decided to start tomorrow instead.

I'm seeing some good results. I feel stronger and leaner.  My rep numbers for things like pull-ups are slowly going up, and workouts are getting easier.  Plus in my last few stretch and yoga workouts I was able to touch my toes when doing seated hamstring stretches!  Less than 6 months ago I was 12" away from that.

Phase 3 is going to be tough because we're entering spring and I'll want to spend more time outside, riding muni and doing family/house activities. I wish I had started  P90X one month sooner!

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