Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vosburg Reroute

Vosburg Trail
muddy offender
A few weeks ago I was out touring the Vosburg trails with one of my Friends of Webster Trails buddies.  It's a nice set of trails just off the Hojack Trail at Vosburg Rd.

Most of the trail looked to be in good condition but there was a roughly 25' section that was very muddy.  The best solution looked to be to shift the trail over a few feet  where the ground was slightly higher.  It was evident that some of the hikers had already chosen this high and dry alternative over the muddy path.

This morning I met up with a few FWT members and we rerouted the trail and blocked off the muddy section.

Before and After
 Before and After

The new section was already fairly easy to walk with no major obstructions.  We trimmed back a few twig-sized saplings and raked the leaves to define the trail.  We blocked the old trail with logs and brush.  Later we may come back and transplant some surrounding vegetation into the old muddy area, but for now this will do.  The new trail surface may need some work too but we'll wait to see what's required after a few hundred hikers have been over it.

We also walked through the trails and did some general cleanup and trimming.

Just south of Vosburg, there was a felled tree above the Hojack trail.  It did not appear to be in danger of falling and further, so I hope it can stay as a new interesting feature.

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