Saturday, January 12, 2013

First and First

With 50°F weather in January on a Saturday, it was a perfect day to ride the road on my recently acquired geared 29er.  It was my first ride of the year and my first ride on a 29er.

My daughter Sydney joined me on a 24" wheel mountain bike.  I got her a CamelBak for Christmas and she was excited to use it.

I took a picture of my 29er before we rode.  I had Syd hold it, just like she did for my KH24 nearly 3 years ago!

We rode through neighborhoods streets and came close to hitting 10 miles.  Syd was surprised we went so far.

I rode a slick tire because there's no snow or ice on the road.  What a smooth ride compared to my usually off-road tire.  And shifting came easy.  In fact I felt like it was easier than ever.  I didn't feel like my speed was ever really much more than usual but I wasn't pushing it.  The handlebar setup was pretty cool.  I used it for most of the ride.

The only thing that gave me trouble was the saddle.  I was sore earlier than I should have been.  It might be an older model with different foam, or maybe it just has too many miles on it, or maybe I'm just not used to riding.

My cycle computer said my average speed was 8.8 mph, while my GPS said 7.5.  Those are faster than normal and I wasn't pushing much because I wanted Syd to have fun.  I should try to get that up to two digits.

Road Ride - 2013-01-12

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