Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Light

Tonight I rode around the block on my 29er in the dark.  I wore my newly purchased lights: the MJ-880U Magicshine 2200 lumen bike light and MJ-818 tail light.

I could see fine.  I hope to use this light to get out in the dark evenings, riding road, riding trails, or snowshoeing.  The cold temperatures will still be uninviting but I can dress for that.

These lights are designed to attach to a bike: lights on the handlebars and seat post, and battery pack to the frame.  But I got the optional helmet mount that has a kind of 2-inch long simulated handlebar.  I wanted a light that shined wherever I looked.  I put the battery pack in my CamelBak and attached the tail light to a buckle.  It all worked well.  For snowshoeing or any other non-hemet activity I plan on using my GoPro helmet strap mount with some kind of custom adapter I have yet to make.

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