Thursday, June 13, 2013

Syd's Schoolwork

With the school year ending, Sydney has been bringing some of her schoolwork home.  Her excitement for unicycling shows.  Here are some examples.

  Do you know what a unicycle is?  A unicycle is a metal form of transportation with one tire.  It is used for races, exercise, or just fun.  A unicycle could have handlebars just for something to hold on to or for beginners to get a feel for it.  Some beginners use training wheels.  Beginners can also use a bar to start or to practice.  All unicycles have a wheel with a tire and spokes.  Some people buy a Shlumf to make it go faster.  To make it go faster, on it there is a gold button and a silver button and when you push the gold one it will go faster.  If it is already on the gold button press the silver one to slow it down to regular speed.  That is just a little things about unicycles.  Do you want to try to ride a unicycle now?

 Awesome!  This one was posted in the hallway on the class bulletin board.  I imagine teachers and parents reading this and rolling their eyes.  "Silly kid. Shlumf? Magic gold and silver speed buttons?  What an imagination."

Her blue uni and the gray bars
When I was about 5 my dad was riding his unicycle and doing tricks.  I asked my dad if he could buy me a unicycle.  he said "sure".  So we went inside and we went to ebay.  he found a blue unicycle.  I told him to buy it. he bout it and about 1 week later it came. When it came I was so ecsided.  So we went out side.  I got my helmet on.  later my dad found gray bars.  We put them on little stands.  Then he helped me up.  he held my hand and we walked.  We got to the end.  then we went back.  he said "I'm going to let go." and he did.  I held the bars.  he said "your doing it".  I said "I am".  I was so exsided!  then I got off.  I sat down and though how much balens and hard work I had been doing.  I couldend bellev it.  I was so happy.  I got back on and started to go faster and faster and better and better.  I was doing it.  but then my dad went insid to get a snack.  I said to my self, "maybe I can get up all by my self."  So I got my foot on the pettal and got up.  I did it.  I couldent get my self going but I can get on by my self.  that is how I spend most of summer, spring and somtimes fall!

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