Saturday, February 8, 2014

Longest Ride

I did another road ride this afternoon.  It started at about 14°F and rose to 19°F.  The roads were a mix of packed snow and clear.

Again, because I'm trying to train, I pushed for more distance.  I ended up riding 25.6 miles!  That's most I've ever ridden.  But, that's on road, and much of it was clear.  Trails are harder.  I did ride my high gear the whole time, so that offered more resistance.  On the other hand, the higher speed means less saddle time, though it sure felt long.  I suspect the Singlespeed-A-Palooza race will take me over 4 hours to finish, and this ride was about 3 hours.  I may need to get shorts with more padding, a new saddle, or just keep riding.

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