Monday, April 7, 2014

Some Hope for SSAP

My ride last Thursday left me feeling unready for my race, which is now only 6 days away.
On Friday I saw Dr. Luckey to try to fix my left calf and get adjusted before the race.  In addition to the adjustments, Dr. Luckey used a muscle stimulation machine on my calf.  It hurt quite a bit and I can't be sure it really did anything.  My leg felt about the same and maybe worse for the next day, but has since felt better and better.  I'm not sure it's 100%, but I'm no longer thinking about it.

Last night I built up my singlespeed 29er like I had last year.  This afternoon I rode and gave it a try, again at the Big Field.  It hit the 50's today and was to be high 40's by the time I got out.  It wasn't supposed to rain until possibly toward the end of my ride.  Unfortunately Mother Nature clearly hates me this year and it was raining as soon as I left work.  It started light and didn't bother me too much.

At one point I checked the Meadow Trail off the Big Field, but found ice on one of the first downhills, and decided I didn't want to break anything this early in the season.  I turned back.

I stopped several times to adjust my seat post and I think I have it at a good spot.  I tend to have it too low and have now raised it.  After one adjustment I felt like I could hardly ride.  I was surprised but I soon noticed my tire was very low, and that was the real problem.  It must have a slow leak.  I pumped it up with my hand pump and will have to get a new tube in before my next ride.

I didn't get nearly as saddle sore this time.  The seat from my 24 probably helped.  I'm also expecting some new padded shorts in the mail that I hope will help.

My ride wasn't too long at just over 8 miles.  I started feeling cold and water logged and didn't want to stop again to pump up my tire.

I hope to get one more ride in before the race.  I don't plan to go for distance, but maybe some bigger hills.

The SSAP race coordinator sent out a report yesterday.  The trails are 90% dry and the weather looks warm and generally dry all week.  I just looked at the high on race day is 70!

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