Sunday, April 27, 2014

Whiting and Webster Mud

It was close to 50°F today and I rode at Whiting and Webster Park.  In the parking lot I was putting my CamelBak on and saw two horse riders enter Webster Park.  I didn't want to follow them in and have to pass so I rode at Whiting first.  The Blue trail is still quite wet and muddy from the spring.  Most other trails in Whiting were ok with only a few soft sections.  I rode through the Green trail and liked it.  This was my first time riding the final extension since I helped complete it.   There have been several nicely constructed bridges added as Boy Scout projects.  The last and steepest hill was a bit slick and I did not successfully climb it.  I don't feel my climbing skill is quite where I left it in the fall.

Webster Park was also muddy.   It was horribly worse than Whiting is many places, as would be expected in a trail system that doesn't have a dedicated trail crew.  Throughout my ride I saw signs of the two horses that had just entered: horse crap and hoof prints.  Later I saw them riding on an adjacent trail.  On my way out I noticed the horse crap was gone on the first trail.  Maybe the riders stop and clean up on the way out? 

I rode my geared 24.  I'm starting to wonder if my 29er would be better at these trails.  I might try it next time.

With the spring here and no race looming I am finding little motivation to spend time in my basement working out.  It looks like I'm back to my routine of one or two rides a week.  I do have several events penciled in on my calendar but no definite plans for May.  Perhaps I should commit to something for the sake of staying in shape.

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