Saturday, July 5, 2014

Dryer with Dustin

Today I went to Dryer Road Park with Dustin.  It was my first time there this year and Dustin's first time ever.

We rode the 2014 Fat Tire Festival race course.  The race is in a few weeks, it's different than the other years I rode, so I carried a map.  Dryer is hilly and pushed Dustin's muni endurance, but he did well.  We stopped a lot more than I normally do and certainly more than in a race.  I may need to go back and do some more riding there if I want to do the race.

After the trails we played at the skills area.  With its odd angles, uncomfortably tight turns, and disjointed features, it's not that great, but we did have some fun.  I worked on a log skinny but sadly never completed it.

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