Saturday, January 24, 2015

Oregon Maiden Voyage

I took my new Nimbus Oregon fat tire uni out for a ride today at Webster Park.  The temperature was just hovering around freezing.  The trails were well traveled and the snow was hard and packed.  We haven't had much snow recently.

credit: Terry "Unigeezer" Peterson
I found the fat tire helped quite a bit.  The trail surface was fairly even, unlike in the past when I've found the trails to be a minefield of frozen boot prints.  So this was not the most challenging test for the fat tire's shock absorbing abilities.  Though the trails were still more pitted than normal and I especially found it easier to roll over exposed roots.  The trails were slick and at times when I dismounted my riding shoes felt less secure than my tire.  The only time it slipped out on me was on an icy bridge, but I stayed on my feet.  I was able to climb steeper snow covered hills than I would have with my regular tires.

As could be expected, it's not quite as nimble as my other unicycles.  I found it a bit harder to stay on course when the trail was off-camber.  When climbing I felt a bit less in control.  Climbing may have also been more difficult because the fat tire makes it more close to a 29er than the 26 that it is.

I walked down a few slick hills.  I probably could have ridden, but I'm still defining my limits.  I used the brake a few times, but I really need a spooner.  A spooner is a unicycle specific part that is put on the brake handle to make it easier to pull.  Bike brake lever designers didn't intend for them to be used on a uni.  Without a spooner, I found it difficult to operate.

I saw a few new downed trees that will need attention some day.  I also saw some recently saw dust and fresh cuts.  Someone has at least been doing some work besides me.

Winter muni is always a bigger workout.  Although it was difficult, I feel like my recent exercising helped me a lot.

 I don't really like stopping to take video, but I forced myself to video a bit.  Here's what I pieced together:

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