Saturday, July 25, 2009

More Free Mounting

Today I really focused on free mounting.
I got frustrated during the first dozen attempts because once I get up, my crank arms ended up straight up and down. I'm up there for a second, but the cranks aren't in a good position to get me moving.

So I looked to youtube for advice again and saw people doing what I was, except their cranks were in a perfect position to get moving.

I tried a few more times and realized the only way to keep my cranks in good position was to spring off my grounded foot way more than I was, and put very little weight on the other. With that in mind I instantly began making progress.

With an hour or so, I went from succeeding a 5% success to about 50% success!

It felt a little bit like American Idol, as I had a panel of judges.
My coach kept score for me:

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