Thursday, July 30, 2009

Positive Comments

I rode my new Onza a bit at home.
Riding around the block, I came across a couple of buff guys standing by a pickup truck.

guy: is that hard to ride?
I hopped off.
me: well.. it took me a month to get this far

They thought it looked so cool and I told them it's a mountain unicycle, etc.

guy: could i just get on and start riding?
me: nahh... you have to hold onto something for awhile. I joked: The hardest part is not sitting on your nuts.

I suggested he could lean on his truck and I let him try. He tried for a few seconds and of course was all wobbly and ready to fall.
He gave it back and was still saying how cool it was.
He wanted to see me get on.
I freemounted first try and rode off.

If I was on the learner I'm not sure I would have had the same experience.
That big knobby tire has cool written all over it! haha

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