Friday, July 3, 2009

Turns, Lines, and a Fall

I continue to practice daily, as long as the weather and obligations allow.

I'm practicing turning a lot. I've done a few figure eights, which obviously require left turning and right turning in one run.

I've also drawn a chalk line on the driveway to represent a trail. I try to follow it without falling or straying too far from it.

I still can't free mount well. I think I might be successful about 1 in every 20 attempts. Today I actually had my first fall while attempting a free mount.
As soon as I stepped up, I fell backwards and landed on my butt/lower back and elbow. Ouch! I still don't know what happened. My driveway is an incline, so maybe that caused it.
Thankfully I'm not injured. My elbow hurt for a few minutes, and bothered me a tiny bit playing basketball, but feels fine now.

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