Friday, August 28, 2009

Bought Another Uni

I saw another unicycle on craiglist and ended up buying it.
It's a 26" Nimbus. It's at least a few years old, but it's in mint condition.

It doesn't have ISIS cranks... but I don't think it will matter for me. It has square tapered cranks.

I rode it around my neighborhood a bit. It's smoother than the Onza and a bit faster... but nothing crazy.
I went around my house in the grass. Again, it felt smoother, but it was harder to crank my way out of sticky situations. The crank arms are 152mm, where as the Onza has 165mm and is a 24" wheel.

When I was done riding the Nimbus, I rode the Onza again, and it felt a little better to me. I'm obviously used to it.
If I'm going to ride trails, I think I'll grab the Onza. For trips around the neighborhood, I'll ride the Nimbus.

I'm feeling kind of indifferent about the purchase.

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