Friday, May 28, 2010

Dryer 2010-05-28

I took the day off, making it a 4 day Memorial Day weekend.
After Kyle got on the bus, I went to Dryer Rd Park.
I tried a few new trails. Owl's Maze is never ending!! You can see on the map below it's got a lot of switchbacks. I rode Kasha on my last downhill. Good trail.
And once I was warmed up, I made it up the "Gravel Pit Road".

Muni at Dryer - 2010-05-28

For the record: I rode the Gravel Pit Road, Tree Beard, Ziggy, Tree Beard, Owls Maze, SSW, Betty Loop, Epping Forest, Moon Valley, Ziggy, Gully Down, Gravel Pit Road, and Kasha. I wish I could easily overlay the trails and names on the map.

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