Sunday, May 2, 2010

Run 4 UTH Invasion

Yesterday I arrived at Whiting Road Nature Preserve and found the Browncroft Community Church was having their "Run 4 UTH" event there.
I didn't know how much of the trails they'd be on so I rode there anyway and encountered a whole lot of runners along the way. They all seemed glad to see something interesting. I wonder if the word "unicycle" was mentioned at their church this morning. ;-)

It was one of my longest rides ever at about 5.75 miles in about 2 hours:

I got up one hill I never had before, successfully used my brake to control my descent on a bunch of hills, and rode the yellow and red trails, the more difficult trails at Whiting.
Some parts of the yellow and red trails have hills way too steep for me to ever get up, but I hope to someday be good enough to ride most of them. I walked more than I'd prefer.

My leg muscles are sore today. It was a good workout.
I'll have to post some video of my ride when once I do some editing.

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  1. Video 4 you. Maybe you can take this sport up also.!? I mean... This Muni stuff all really started with some bunny hops after all... (Cut & Paste)

    Stay w/it to the end it get pretty insane...