Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fun at Tryon

I rode at Tryon this morning and had a great time. I started at the south end at the Browncroft apartments and worked my way north. Tryon has a lot of hills, but a fair number of rolling trails with technical obstacles like roots, natural steps, and rocks. I feel like I did better than ever today: making it down some fairly technical hills (though sometimes taken 5-10 attempts) and just generally making it through rooty and rocky areas without UPD'ing.

Muni at Tryon - 2010-05-22

In the area just north of the apartments, I made it across two different planks that have been laid across a muddy area and a stream. It was on my way out and my camera was out of memory, so I don't have the video to prove it. Maybe next time.

I saw two mountain bikers, one who just said hey, and another one who stopped to talk. He was Matt from the Tryon forums, and he figured I was the muni guy from the forums. He gave me some directions for some trails in the area. Nice guy. Thanks Matt!

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