Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fat Tire Weeknight Series Race #4

I raced for the fourth time at the Fat Tire Weeknight Series Race at the Camp Arrowhead YMCA. It was a hot day, but I managed to make it through my three laps.

I made it up both of the difficult climbs for the first time! The switchback climb I made on my first lap, and I came close on other laps. I made the climb just before the pool area on my last lap. I think I could make that one every time, but on my first and second lap I always have to dismount for mountain bikers wanting to pass. On my third lap, a biker was approaching at the last steep section. I powered up it, involuntarily letting out some big grunts and slurred expletives. I wonder what he thought of that. Ha ha... whatever works, right?

It's kind of interesting how each lap is different because I get passed more in different sections. Today it seemed like I had to wait a full minute in some sections. I'd dismount for a rider, and once he passed I'd see another rider approaching through the trees. I'd wait for that one, and then another, and another! It doesn't bother me much, but it does affect my time.

I also made it over every log on the course on all laps! That was a first. No hopping was involved. I just powered over them. One near a parking area is telephone pole size with curbs on either side. I had never even attempted it in the past. So that was more good progress.

At the end of the race one of the guys from GROC and Park Ave Bike, Bruce, encouraged me to ride at the upcoming Hardcore 24 race. He said they'd sponsor me and pay the registration fee. Wow! That's $85! It sounds like he liked the idea of having something fairly unique there.

That's a 24 hour race. You just do as many laps as you can, sleeping and eating between laps as needed, and heading back out when you feel like it. You can ride solo or on a team that alternates riders. I'd be solo or on a muni team, as my slower speed would hurt a mountain bike team.

I had considered doing that race if some of my muni friends in Albany could. But I don't think they can. Maybe I'll hit them up again. In any case, I'll think about it.

Here's my gps track from this evenings race:

Fat Tire Weeknight Series Race #4 - 2011-07-12

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