Friday, July 8, 2011

Progress at BPW

Tomorrow is a trail work day for the Friends of Webster Trails and I feel obligated to attend. That will eat up the morning and it's best to spend some weekend time with the family and on home projects. So I broke out of work to do some riding before the weekend at Bay Park West.

I tried the new Green trail which I've hiked before and helped build. I could ride more of the hill climbs than I thought I'd be able to. Still, some are too much. I rode it both ways, and both have their pros and cons. I don't have a strong preference yet. It's a cool trail, but I'm not sure it's my favorite. The mountain bikers I've talked to really like it.

After descending down to the south most parking area, I was able to make the climb back out. That's a first, and I wasn't particularly winded at the top. I stopped there to talk to some mountain bikers, but next time it would be cool to continue on and make the climb around the corner.

I also made good progress from the old trolley bed back to my car at Homewood. That's a long drawn out climb, with a few steeper points. I did UPD at one point, which sucked because it was totally doable. At that point I had to walk two feet to get to a place to remount. Without that UPD, I would have climbed the entire trail, which at the beginning of the season seemed impossible. Next time!

I rode just over 5 miles.

Muni at Bay Park West - 2011-07-08

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