Saturday, July 9, 2011

WNP Trail Work

This morning I worked at the Whiting Nature Preserve with the Friends of Webster Trails.
We had a big turnout.

Most of us broke up into groups and attacked any problems we saw, specifically on the Blue trail.

Others did some more work on a new trail off of the Red trail. I haven't even seen that progress yet. And still others did pruning on the blue and orange.

I worked mostly alone on some drainage runs off of several long sections of sloped trail. The idea is to allow water to flow off the trail instead of building up as it runs down the entire length. Erosion could be a problem, though in this case the water flow would be fairly slow. The bigger problem is the water collecting at the bottom of the hills, and sometimes having no place to go. Maybe I'll walk out there during the next heavy rainfall and see how things are working.

My family showed up at the end with watermelon slices for the group! Everyone was very appreciative!

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