Sunday, June 17, 2012

Moraine State Park

On Sunday, the day after the Fat Tire Challenge I rode with Dave and Isaac of the Butler Wobble at Moraine State Park in Butler, PA.

It's a lot more fun to ride as a group of friends instead of racing.  Speaking of which, I was pretty sore in my quads and lower back, but after warming up during the ride, I forgot all about it.

This park has dedicated mountain bike trails which were very nice.  It offered a great combination of flow, hills, and technical sections.

I accomplished some good climbs and got through some technical sections well.  I'm most excited that I cleared a few small logs with rolling hops.  I normally do a pseudo rolling hop over an obstacle where I get nearly all my weight moving up, but my tire still rolls on it.  But this time my tire didn't touch.  Hopefully I'll push forward and keep making progress on this.

Dave has a great side hopping ability and would hop (aka peck) up inclines when it got real steep.  Plus he side hops well and would get over logs that way.

Muni at Moraine State Park

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