Monday, June 4, 2012

Rogue Wheelbarrowing at Whiting

This evening I headed to Whiting with my daughter, Sydney, to do a little rogue trail work.  On Saturday I was there for the Friends of Webster Trails work day and saw a few more puddles on the Blue trail.

With more rain since then, I figured now is the time to fill these in.  Spots that hold water are easiest to see when they are actually holding water.  So we shoveled some of the remaining stone from the pile in the parking lot and wheelbarrowed it along the blue trail filling puddles.  We must have dumped about 5 loads.  It still feels wrong to use stone on a dirt trail, but in time I hope it will sink in.

There are still a few puddles remaining on the west side of the blue, because I ran out of steam by the time I got to those.

We walked further into the Yellow trail and I pointed out the big hill I recently conquered. Syd was surprised that I can ride my muni down it, and commented about all the roots and the difficulty of walking.  On the way up she said her legs were hurting and wondered if my legs hurt when I ride it.

On our hike back to the parking lot we cut some encroaching vegetation from the trail sides.  I need to buy a new tool for this.  We used hand pruners.  They require us to trace back individual stalks and make a focused cut.  Something like a hedge trimmer would probably be quicker.

It was a nice was to spend some time with Syd out on the trails.

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