Thursday, June 28, 2012

Morning Ride

My quads have been crazy sore since my Sunday ride.  I must have really pushed hard I guess.  I skipped the Wednesday weeknight race (again) because of this.

I wanted to get a mid-week ride in, and while I was still a bit sore this morning, it wasn't enough to prevent me from riding.  So I took a few hours off from work and rode at Bay Park West.  I didn't feel particularly strong, but then BPW is a tough place and I was feeling the heat early on.  I did have some good climbs and made it through and made it both ways through the rock garden on the Purple trail, first try.  But I UPD'ed a few too many times on the second half of my ride and decided I didn't need to push myself so hard this time.  So I ended my ride a bit early.

Cycle computer: 4.4miles
Muni at Bay Park West - 2012-06-28

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