Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bay Park West Routine

It's becoming a standard routine for me to take a few hours off from work, mid-week, and ride.  As usual, this afternoon I rode at Bay Park West.

At the start of the ride my upper chest felt too tight and my head was pounding, like a headache.  It's hard to muni at this park without exerting some serious effort (unless you walk), and of the five trail heads, only the one at Homewood Lane starts at a higher elevation.  Thankfully my symptoms subsided within about 10 minutes.

My plan was to ride hard.  When I had choices to take or skip the down-and-back trails, I took them.  On my second tour of the park I started to get serious lower back fatigue and my calves felt like they were going to pop on the big hills.

This was my longest ride at BPW.
6.8 miles (GPS track uploaded to EveryTrail)
7.5 miles (GPS track on my PC)
8.36 miles (cycle computer)

Just comparing my EveryTrail miles, I had previously ridden 6.5 twice, 6.3, 6.1, and or course less.  So I wasn't way over the top, but I accomplished my goal of riding hard.  Hopefully I'll be sore tomorrow.

Muni at Bay Park West - 2013-09-05 at EveryTrail

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