Sunday, September 29, 2013

Nice Ride at Webster Park and Whiting

We've been having awesome weather: cool, dry, low humidity.  I rode at Webster Park and Whiting today and pushed a little extra, ending up with close to 14 miles.

I took a fall in Webster Park on a corduroy crossing made of about 10 large logs.  I've ridden it successfully before, and in fact crossed it fine in one direction, but on the way back I ate it.  The area is perpetually wet, hence the need for it, and today the logs themselves were a bit slippery.  That and the fact that one log shifted must have been what got me.  I fell moderately hard, hit my left knee and got a little wet and dirty.  My knee bothered me a bit along the rest of the ride.  If I start having knee pain on my next rides I'll have to remember this.  It might be time for another Dr. Luckey fix.

I saw a good number of hikers out there.  In fact the Whiting parking lot was full and I had to park on the road.  On my second ride through Webster Park I encountered an elderly man on the Midnight Trail.  He asked for directions back to Whiting.  He has missed the trail he entered the Midnight trail on and was on his second loop.  I drew him a map in the dirt and he was grateful.  I rode out and noticed the series of nice signs pointing the way to Whiting, once you exit the Midnight Trail, so I imagine he got out fine.  Thanks to the Friends of Webster Trails for those signs.

Muni at Whiting and Webster Park - 2013-09-29 at EveryTrail

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