Monday, September 2, 2013

Greece Canal Park

Unfortunately Mj was not able to join us for the Shindagin Shindig, but we decided to meetup for a ride after.  So today Mj, Dustin, and I rode got together at Greece Canal Park.  Mj has ridden here in the past but we found ourselves exploring quite a bit.  It reminded me of Webster Park in that way.  Both are county parks, and both have poor maps and poor trail markers.  Looking at the county map and my gps track, we clearly rode the blue and yellow trails.  Yet on the trails we saw red and green markers too making the map hard to follow.  Maybe I'm expecting too much but it seems rather straightforward to get this right.  Stick to one color or name per trail and using some numbers as waypoints.

EveryTrail map

The trails weren't very long but if you know your way you could probably make a few loops and ride them a few times.  There was a rather technical section on the west and south side of the blue rectangle.  It has lots of roots, corduroy logs, and some boards.  This area obviously gets very muddy sometimes, but today it wasn't bad at all.  It's been storming in the area but thankfully the rain missed this park.

Dustin had some surprising success with riding over logs, and ended the ride with a very clean rolling hop onto and then over one.  He's getting better with every ride.  Mj hasn't been riding as much as she'd like, but she did better than she thinks.  I rode fine, but I'd like to improve my hopping.

A few days after Shindagin I suddenly started having pain in my left kneecap when I walked, and I was pretty worried about it.  Pushing on the center of my kneecap hurt a lot, and walking was painful at times.  I used ibuprofen for a few days and occasional icing, and it went away.  I guess I bumped my knee at some point?  I did fall and roll once at the Shindig, but I didn't think I hit my knee.  In any case, I avoided a midweek ride to heal.  Today's ride was fine.  So hopefully whatever was going on with my knee was a small injury and not chronic.

After muni, Dustin and I went to Gates Town Park to try The Woodlands disc golf course.  It's not a great course, but we had fun.

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