Wednesday, October 30, 2013

BPW Rocks!

It's amazing how time flies and I don't get a chance to ride.  Last week was cold and wet, so that's part of my excuse.  Then late last week I did a P90X chest and back workout.  I haven't been doing any exercise other than muni, so not surprisingly, that got me about as sore as I've ever been.  So that's the rest of my excuse.  I have a strong desire to stay fit during the winter and come out strong.  Starting early on P90X is part of that.

Sometimes you feel like some rocks, some time you don't.
Bay Park West was dry despite early morning rain.  The trails were mostly cleared of leaves, but it's been filling in since the last guys went through with leaf blowers.

Over the past few months there have been some new log and rock features appearing.  It's cool to find new challenges to keep the trails interesting.

At the beginning of the month I mentioned seeing some guy at BPW in a parked vehicle, at two different parking lots.  Today at the start of my ride I saw an occupied vehicle and thought it might be the same guy.  Again I thought it odd for someone to just sit there.  Just before I started riding, the guy got out and talked to me, and he was indeed the same guy. He seemed like an average guy and asked me about muni, mentioned trials and downhill uni youtube videos, and talked about some of the history of the west bay area.  I think he's probably a good guy and quite the opposite of what I suspect of a guy sitting in a car at park parking lot.  He's more likely the kind of person you want in the area to prevent car break-ins and other crime.

I also saw a cute puppy hiking with his owner.

Muni at Bay Park West - 2013-10-30 at EveryTrail

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