Thursday, October 3, 2013

Long Ride at BPW

Today I rode at Bay Park West.  The cooler weather is great and I feel like I'm in good shape.  My knee didn't bother me at all, so the fall I took on my last ride didn't effect me.

Over the past few weeks the leaves have been starting to fall on some trails.  Today was the first time I thought the trails were actually in need of a leaf blower.  With all the leaves, it takes more brain cycles to read the trail surface.  I'm sure Rocket Man will fix it soon.

I saw a few bikers, one of which stopped and watched me climb a hill.  I appreciated his "that's amazing" comment.  I also saw a guy on foot looking at the trail sign when I drove in.  As I prepared to ride, he got in his vehicle and started it.  It took me a good five minutes to stretch and put some air in my tire and he was still sitting there.  I rode off into the trail.  About 10 minutes into my ride I exited the trail into the other parking lot.  The same guy was sitting in his car there!  I don't know what this guy was up to, and I don't really care, but I thought it was funny.  I pictured one of those classic movie scenes where the guy is drinking, sees something crazy, assumes his mind is playing tricks on him, then looks at his bottle of booze and dumps it out. Haha.

I had to pick up my daughter from her gymnastics class, so I rode until I had to leave.  I would have ridden another half mile, but as it turns out it was my longest ride ever at Bay Park West.  7.9 miles according to my cycle computer, 7.2 after uploading the GPS.  I think this time of year is the best because I'm in shape and the weather is cooler.

Muni at Bay Park West - 2013-10-03 at EveryTrail

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