Sunday, October 20, 2013

BPW to Tryon and back

Today I rode through Bay Park West, into and through Tryon, and back again.  It was similar to a ride I did last year.  Though last year I hadn't ridden for three weeks.  This year, only one week, so you'd think it be easier.  It may have been, but it was still a tough ride.

On my way through Bay Park West I saw a trail crew finishing up some work. They were shoring up the edge of the big bench trail that is on blue rising up from the trolley bed using 6x6 beams.  I felt a little guilty riding through, but they were happy to have a tester.  Nice work guys!

My ride was uneventful, just a lot of effort.  I rode about 9 miles.  Last year it was 70°F out, this time just over 50°F. The cooler temperature probably helped overall, though it took a bit longer to warm up.

Muni at BPW and Tryon - 2013-10-20 at EveryTrail

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