Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hojack Trail once again

I rode the entire Hojack Trail again this morning. Here's the map I made when I first rode it.

I had only a few UPDs, from a few rocks or roots I didn't see. I think I get too comfortable sometimes and stop concentrating on the trail. I also had to dismount a few times for traffic at a few road crossings.

This was my first ride that I wore my new knee braces. I like to think they helped. The middle strap around the back of my knee got a little bit irritating towards the end of the ride.

I came across a small fallen tree that was just the right height for me to hop. I approached it and started hopping closer to it, only to find my CamelBak was bouncing crazily. Maybe if I make the straps tighter next time? I haven't been hopping for weeks for fear of knee problems, so I just decided to move on. I moved the tree off the trail so I wouldn't have to dismount on my way back. And if I didn't move it today, someone else would have soon anyway. I'd actually prefer having an occasional obstacle like this, but people clear the trails pretty thoroughly.

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