Saturday, October 3, 2009

More Webster Park

After this morning's trail maintenance, I crossed the road to ride some more of Webster Park. This time a brought my map printout so I wouldn't get lost. Now that I'm back, I drew on this map to where I think I actually went: I went to Mohawk Lodge first, because I knew where it was. From there I successfully found Onondaga Lodge. After that... lost! The southeastern line I drew on the map just represents the general direction and area I was in. In actuality I must have zigzagged through that area on half a dozen trails.
There are just so many trails and so few of them are marked. So I just kept riding, assuming I'll stumble upon something on the map like a lodge or road or something. But it took forever to find any landmarks. I just kept coming to another fork in the trail and guessing which way would be a better ride. I ended up popping out of a trail into a nice mowed grass park area. I rode on the street. The whole time I thought I must be on Lake Rd, but now I realize I was on Holt Rd. Anyway, I found a parking lot for the park and some pavilions. The pavilions are named, so I was able to use my map and head in the right direction. I found a trail and finally ended up on a trail I had ridden before. Things started looking familiar and I made my way out.

I think I've had enough of Webster Park for a while. I might go just to the Midnight Trail sometime. But otherwise, it's just too easy to get lost in there and too many rooty hills and unrideable parts. Every couple minutes there's another hill covered in roots that goes down to a stream, with a bridge that is unrideable or has an unrideable approach. Then there's a hill up going back up away from the stream. I can down some of these hills, but then I have to hike up the other side.

The best part of the ride is the trail leading from Whiting Road to the West Loop Trail. That trail has the right amount of roots, rocks, and hills to be challenging and fun.

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