Saturday, October 17, 2009

Colder Weather

It's unseasonably cold here lately. ~40°F today and tomorrow.
I rode at the Whiting Rd Nature Preserve and the Midnight Trail again this morning. I was a bit worried about being cold, but it turned out fine.

I wore a long sleeve undershirt made of 50/50 nylon and polyester. A cotton t-shirt and a single layer nylon (I think) jacket. Half way through I was hot, and took off the t-shirt. I know cotton isn't good for this weather because it holds sweat, but that's what I had. I wore my usually nylon shorts and my knee braces too. I plan on riding tomorrow, so the only thing I might change is not even wearing the cotton t-shirt.

I was able to get up a hill I never could before, and on my whole ride at Whiting I had no UPDs, and only dismounted for 4 big hills and a bridge.

I held my camera and made a small video of my ride. Nothing too exciting:

I noticed a "New York State Environmental Conservation Police" truck in the Whiting Road Nature Preserve parking lot. I wonder what his purpose is.

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