Sunday, October 25, 2009

Real World Hops

I just got back from a ride at Dryer Road Park. I brought a camera but took no pictures or video. The fall leaves look awesome, but it's still hard to stop and deal with a camera.
There are lots of leaves on some trails. Others have none.
There were a lot of mountain bikers there. Trek had a booth set up in the parking lot to show/ride the latest mountain bikes, I guess. I didn't check it out. That may have attracted more bikers today. Plus I went a bit later than last time.
I got a good number of comments from bikers. Most people just comment on how difficult it must be. It IS difficult, but mostly because of the uphills. I wish I could have a super low "granny" gear on my uni. One guy said something like, "Hey you're the guy I saw on the Tryon forums".

There were probably about 10 situations where I needed to hop over a small log or large root. I think I successfully hopped and rode out of about 3! It's my first time ever using hops on a trail, so I'm pretty excited about that.

For the record: First I rode over to where I thought Kaleidoscope should be. But I didn't see any sign, so I moved on. I rode up Kasha as it was supposed to be easier than some other options. The beginning was, but it ends at the upper field with a pretty steep hill. I then rode Ziggy around, and like last time, I like Ziggy. I then went down the Fort Hill trail, and tried Alpha Betty. That was a good trail. I then took Epping Trail and Epping Trail Ext. There was a pretty big hill at the end of Epping Ext.

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