Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Fall" Leaves

I went to Whiting Road and the Midnight Trail again today. The leaves are totally covering the trails. It makes it a bit slippery in some places, like climbing hills. But worst of all is not being able to see obstacles like roots and rocks. I ride a little bit more on edge, knowing a hidden obstacle might throw me at any time.

I rode with my low quality uni-cam. Here are two frames of video. The first is just before I hit something and UPD'ed. Then I moved the leaves and found the offending root.

I've gotten to know these trails pretty well over the past few months. I actually remember where some individual roots are, give or take 10 or 20 feet. Especially the ones that are in the middle of an otherwise friendly stretch of trail that have caught me by surprise in the past. With the leaves down, I enter one of these areas but I don't know exactly where the evil root is. So I'm riding even more on edge.

Some areas are worse than others. It just depends on the number and types of trees.

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