Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First Muni Ride at Bay Park West

This morning I used a few vacation hours to ride at Bay Park West.
I started at the trail head where Sydney and I did some trail work a few weekends ago.

I didn't like the trails much. Too many uphills to battle. The new trails are generally bumpier and haven't been graded properly yet. But even if they were smooth and all work was complete, the hills are still going to be there.
I probably did about 50/50 riding to hiking.
There were a few sections that were good, but they weren't worth the effort to get to them.

I only saw one person; an older woman with a dog. We talked for a bit. She had actually been to one of the county shared-use pilot program meetings. Unlike many older hikers, she supports cycling in the parks and the trail maintenance that comes along with it. She ripped on the hikers/walkers who whined about shared-use concerns at the meetings. Ha ha!
Her small dog was running around everywhere. When I rode away, it followed a bit and then seemed to go back in her direction. As I rode I kept hearing the woman yell "Sandy! Saaaaannndyyyyy!" I wondered if the dog ever got back to her. Did she think it kept following me? After about 5 minutes of that, I turned around and worked my way back to find her. She said her dog Sandy always goes off on her own and will eventually find her way back to their car. Oh. I guess I didn't need to be concerned.

I didn't ride very far. Oh well. It was good to explore and form an opinion of these trails.

Muni at Bay Park West - 2010-09-21

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