Saturday, September 11, 2010

West Bay Trail Work Begins

Today I attended the first day of trail work at the West Bay trails.
Sydney came along with me and helped. There must have been about 30 workers there. We collected a bunch of garbage along the sides of the trail. The area has clearly been used as a dumping ground for the neighboring residence over the years. We all filled a dumpster with old junk: lawnmowers, bicycles, a snowmobile, typical garbage, and who knows what else. We wheelbarrowed tons of discarded wall block from where they were dumped, down a winding trail to a new location. A group of workers used them to build a boardwalk in a muddy area. Other workers use flagstone to armor a length of trail and discarded drainage pipe to redirect water under a trail.

At the end of a few hours of work, Sydney and I hiked further into the trails. While we had been doing our part to help, other workers had been clearing new trails. It was amazing how much work got done in a short time.

I didn't bring my GPS along, but I think the map below shows the general area that we worked in.

View West Bay west side in a larger map

EDIT Sept 12: a video and pics were posted by other workers:


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