Monday, August 26, 2013

Shindagin Shindig 2013

This weekend the family and I camped at Buttermilk Falls State Park in Ithaca. We wanted to go camping and it just so happened there was a mountain biking festival at the nearby Shindagin Hollow State Forest.  I had wanted to ride muni at Shindagin for over a year, so this seemed like a great opportunity.
I had sent a request out to the closest muni riders to join me.  Dustin was in, and Robi and Liz from Albany were too.  We all camped at Buttermilk in adjacent sites and on Saturday we rode at Shindagin.

We weren't sure what trails to ride and we were directed to the nearest trail head.  The place is huge so we only rode a small percentage of the trails.  The ones we rode were rooty, rocky, and hilly.  I enjoyed the challenge. Weather and trail conditions were ideal.  Robi and I tended to lead and Dustin and Liz were never too far behind. We rode for over 3.5 hours, but we only covered about 7 miles.  We stopped and played around on a good number of log obstacles, and as with any group ride, we tended to stop a socialize from time to time.

I saw some mountain bikers I knew from Park Ave Bike, Tryon Bike, and GROC.  
Dustin won the award for most improved.  I could see him getting better along the ride.  He attempted and accomplished many obstacles.  Nice!

It was great to see Robi and Liz again.  I hope the trip was worth it for them!  Hopefully there will be another Albany event this fall and we'll all ride again.

I would like to ride Shindagin Hollow again and check out more of the trails.

On Sunday we all went and played some disc golf in the town on Danby.  Dustin recently got me and a few other coworkers into it, and we've played a few times.  Robi and Liz have played some too, so it worked out great.

The family and I visited a nature center and beach on Sunday, and a science center on Monday before heading home.  It was a good weekend.

Muni at Shindagin Shindig - 2013-08-24 at EveryTrail

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