Sunday, September 20, 2009

Midnight Trail

This morning I went to the Midnight Trail. This one is not on county land, so bike are allowed, but the trails leading to it are in Webster Park, which IS county owned.
I rode the trail from Whiting Road, despite the "No Bicycles" sign.

It was kind of hard to actually find the Midnight Trail. There were some signs, but somehow it was still tricky. I should have brought a map. Basically, take the trail in front of the Mohawk lodge at the water spigot. The lodge looks sort of abandoned. Is this used anymore?

I also need to take more pictures, but it's a pain to stop and get the camera out all the time. I'll have to solve that problem sometime soon.

The Midnight Trail is a typical trail with some dirt parts, some "mulchy" parts, a few small hills. At the southern most part there was some sort of access road. It leads into the loop of the trail, and some people had a campsite there. They had cars and a camper, so I guess there is another way to get in, if I wanted.
But the "No Bicycles" trail was one of the best parts. I has a lot of roots, and quick ups-and-downs that make it a good challenge. On the way out I made it all the way through without getting off at all, which is my goal on any trail.

Then I went over to the Whiting Road Nature Preserve and did the Blue and Orange loops. It was definitely my best ride yet on those trails. I didn't have to get off and didn't UPD, except for going up bigger hills and one unseen hole.

I encountered walkers/joggers occasionally, but at Whiting I saw 3 mountain bikers. They said "Wow, that's gotta be hard to do on these trails", and one guy must have said "No f***ing way" about 4 times.

It was good to check out the Midnight Trail. I think that might be the last of the "No Bicycle" trails in Webster for me to explore.

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