Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gosnell Big Woods Preserve

This morning I headed out for another muni ride. Across from the parking for the Whiting Road trails there is another trail called the Midnight Trail. I parked, geared up, and crossed the street, only to find the trail was marked with a no bicycle sign.
This is not the actual sign, but it's about the same. So, I guess this means unicycles and tricycles are ok. Right?
I could have been a jerk and ridden it, but I figured they really didn't want any pedal powered tired vehicles. So I got back in my car.

I drove to another trail I was interested in riding: The Big Field and BigWoods trails at the Gosnell Big Woods Preserve.

I rode along the right side of the Big Field trail to get to the Big Woods trail which seemed more interesting. Unfortunately when I got there I
found another aggravating sign.

"Pedestrians Only". Grrr. I didn't get out here just to ride across a field and turn around. I generally want to respect the rules of these trails, but what's the big deal? And part of my mission is to find good trails, for unicycling, biking, and hiking with the family. I really wanted to know what this trail was all about. So I rode in, and ended up riding all the trails in the Big Woods.

They were definitely not good biking trails for the family. But they were ok for a serious mountain biker, and pretty good for me. I had a good time, though I had to walk some big hills and parts with crazy roots or logs.

I also found Dagobah. But Yoda was nowhere to be seen.
Again I feel like I progressed in my riding. There was a good downhill I did where I had to really pick a path. I made it up some hills that I was sure I'd only get up halfway. Sometimes I stall for a second or two but then somehow muster up the balance and strength to keep moving again without falling. And then there are instances when I stall and recover many consecutive times in a row. It sucks that I don't have video of those moments.

Eventually I came to the end of the trail. It was fairly easy to recognize. Actually the trail continues around the corner to Lake Rd. I'm not sure why this "End of Trail" sign was needed. It seems pretty obvious you're at the end when you find the road and no other paths across the way. Another trail called the Ridge Trail led to Pellett Road. All the signs said Pedestrians Only.

I turned around and headed back. I encountered someone who wasn't happy I was there. I think I'll make a separate post for that.

When I got out of the Big Woods trail, I followed the rest of the Big Field trail. Yup... it's big! It's not the most exciting trail. It's basically a 6' wide mowed path. But it was a good endurance challenge. I encountered a group of 3 walkers. "There's got to be an easier way!", said one lady. Ha!

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