Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sydney's Progress

Sydney hasn't been riding a whole lot, but the past few evenings we practiced together. She's been practicing by holding onto the basketball hoop pole and riding from there. Here record was yesterday when she rode about 2 full revolutions.
With the colder weather and the early sunset, getting out to practice has been difficult.
She fell a few times, sometimes on her butt. Thankfully she hasn't gotten hurt.


  1. How is Sydney's progress going now?

    my Daughter(5.5yrs) has started a few weeks ago

    holding on to my finger, she can go 100' and roll off the sidewalk.
    with no help she is about 1 rev.

  2. rodbotic,

    Our weather has been nice and I built a new railing a few days ago out in the driveway to help Syd learn. She hasn't used it much yet, so her abilities haven't changed since before the winter. An occasional 1 rev.
    I plan on blogging about the new railing soon.

    Thanks for asking!

  3. work at UBC in Vancouver, and I live in staff housing so we luck out on there being lots of railings to hang onto.

    Maybe I should start a blog on my daughters progress,
    or just add her milestones to mine..