Saturday, April 14, 2012

FMCP Trail Work

The number of trails that the Friends of Webster Trail (FWT) maintains is increasing as we add Four Mile Creek Park (FMCP) and extend Whiting and the Hojack trails.  So we've decide to have trail works days on two Saturdays of each month instead of the usual one.
I'll be leading one each month and Jeff, our Trails Committee Chair, will continue to lead the other.

This morning I led FWT's first one of the year at FMCP.  The turnout was on the low side with only 12 workers showing up, so we didn't get all the work done we had originally hoped to.  But we got a lot of work done:
  • widened the descent before the first bridge and spread stone over it to prevent mud
  • removed some of the stumps where brush had previously been cut
  • cleared several new trail sections to reroute previously cut trail to higher ground
  • installed a culvert pipe to give water a place to flow under a trail
"Leading" the work was more "getting the ball rolling".  We have a lot of experienced trail workers that don't need any direction and are able give direction to others as needed.

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