Sunday, May 6, 2012

Back to BPW

Up until today I had only ridden at Whiting this year.  Today I rode at Bay Park West.
It really is a great trail system but man is it a workout.  I think I kind of forget just how much harder it is.
If you're not fighting your way up a hill then you're fighting to keep from rolling out of control on a downhill.  And when you're not on a hill there are plenty of turns, roots, rock gardens, and logs to keep you from relaxing.

I think I did well.  At BPW I often ride less than 5 miles, but I had energy to keep going and rode over 6 miles.  Aside from the challenging hill climbs, there are a good number of logs that trip me up at BPW.  I don't even attempt many of them.  I really need to find time to spend on improving my hopping abilities.

I encountered a bunch of mountain bikers I knew.  There was a GROC Mountain Bike Patrol meeting there today and a bunch of them rode afterwards. I also saw a few GROC board members riding, as well as a handful of riders I don't know.

Muni at Bay Park West - 2012-05-06

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