Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Ride

I rode at Bay Park West today.  It was another strong ride at this hilly park.
I saw a number of GROC and Tryon guys out there.  One was even doing some trail work on his own.  Nice!  I also saw a number of hikers and other bikers.

One biker said he was interested in muni and had a cheap unicycle to learn on.  He knew my unicycle was a Kris Holm's and mentioned Terry Peterson (aka Unigeezer).  Wow!  It's pretty cool to encounter someone who has some interest in the sport. Dave, if you read this send me an email!

I climbed even better than my ride last week at BPW.  I typically find myself stopping to rest after big hill climbs because I'm out of breath, my heart rate is maxing out, and I'm a bit light-headed.  I usually stay on my uni but stop and hold on to a tree.  I'd like to push this a bit and keep riding.  Since I just climbed a hill, most likely I'll be descending for at least some time and hopefully this will be enough to catch my breath.  I'd like to keep pushing my limits and this will help me in racing where time matters.

Of course, since it's Mother's Day, after my ride I stopped at my mom's house for a visit.

Muni at Bay Park West - 2012-05-13

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