Wednesday, May 23, 2012

South Tryon Clean-Up

This evening I helped a crew of about six to clean up some of Tryon Park.
We removed old broken rotting lumber that was left over from structures built and fallen long ago.

Here's an old picture of one of the stunts.
Some of the low sections look pretty fun, but the high stuff looks deadly.

What we removed didn't look anything like this.  The structures were broken apart long ago.  Over the years, parts of it have be thrown around and built and re-built into smaller structures.  Now it's mostly all rotten wood you can pull apart and break by hand.  It's ugly and dangerous, especially with all its old rusty nails.

We moved a large amount of this old lumber out to the edge of the wooded area.  It will be moved to a dumpster at a later date.  There are also a number of boards higher trees that will have to be removed later.

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