Sunday, August 11, 2013

2013 Suicide 6

I decided to muni at the Suicide 6 mountain bike race this year.  It's a little more than an hour away at Harriet Hollister Spencer park in Canadice.

It felt a lot like when I did it two years ago.  I came to the conclusion that the first half of the lap is awesome.  It's challenging for muni with a combination of roots, rocks, climbs, and descents.  The second half of the course is much wetter, loamier, and hillier.  The change happens right when the course crosses the park road.  On my first lap when I hit this section I was sure it was freshly cleared trail.  It's not really a cut trail, just the kind of quick trail clearing that removes vegetation and debris but leaves the dark organic soil.  Not only is it top soil, but the surface has awkward little ups and downs.  This kind of trail is my nemesis and causes my lower back to work extra.  As I rode it I realized this trail was not a new trail but the same trail I rode two years ago.  I guess as far as muni is concerned, clearing a trail like this is not ideal.  Last year my lower back got very fatigued from this area and the same happened this year.

Before I finished my first lap I questioned how I could possibly do another.  My hope had been to try for three laps this year.  Now I knew that would be impossible.

After finishing my first lap I went back to my car to rest and refuel.  About 20 minutes later I was feeling like I should just get out there and do another lap.  Again, the first half wasn't so bad and I was glad my lower back was not screaming at me, though I was getting sloppy and was clearly fatigued.   And again the second half was really hard and I found myself shamefully pushing my uni up quite a few inclines.  I was glad to finish and finally be done.

The mountain bikers were all great and gave me more praise than I wanted.  The fact is, I saw so many of them powering up hills that I complain about.  I really need to try a mountain bike to see if it's so much easier, or if these guys are just super strong.

The course was really well marked with arrows, tape, mile marker signs and paint on the trail.  Nice work Park Ave Bike Shop!

Suicide 6 - 2013-08-11 at EveryTrail

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