Sunday, August 4, 2013

Give Me a Sign!

I rode at Webster Park and Whiting today.  I especially avoided riding anywhere too difficult.  My last ride at Bay Park West made my quads so sore it's been painful to walk for the last few days.  I could use a few more days before I do that again.

I had a good ride and pushed to ride a bit farther, ending up with 10.5 miles.

I think it was toward the end of last year that I saw some 4x4 posts at many trail intersections in Webster Park.  Sometime in the last week the signs were put up on these posts.  I have been waiting to see how the county would label the trails.  It's always been confusing in Webster Park and I thought they might come up with a better system.  It turns out the new signs don't change how the trails are labelled, but rather point the way to points of interest.  This will probably help a lot of people find their way around the park, but it still kind of makes it hard to reference many trails.

Muni at Whiting and Webster Park - 2013-08-04 at EveryTrail

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