Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rode The Patio

I rode at Bay Park West this afternoon, especially to check out The Patio.  It is definitely a nice improvement.  It's still a good workout to climb that trail but the erosion issues at this steepest section are gone, and I was able to climb it for the first time in a long while.

I saw one mountain biker who stopped and asked a few questions about muni.

Later I was charged by four small dogs that were barking their heads off.  I had to dismount to avoid running them over, and found myself surrounded.  They had collars so I assumed they had an owner, but it took a long moment before he appeared from further down the trail.  We both laughed and he moved on with his dogs, but it honestly made me rather anxious.  Little dogs still have teeth and when four of them are inches from me barking like mad, and reacting all skittish to every move I make, it feels like they're gonna pounce without warning.  The trouble is, it would be viewed as inappropriate for me to scare them away or kick them out of the way because they're owned by someone.  If these were wild animals getting in my space this would be more acceptable.  As I rode away a fifth dog ran out from the brush heading toward the owner.  That's a lot of dogs.  It's dogs like these that need to be on a leash.  Most dogs I see are not on leashes, but are awesome and behave well, so I'm fine with them.

Muni at Bay Park West - 2013-08-21 at EveryTrail

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