Sunday, August 18, 2013

The BPW Patio

There's a section of trail at Bay Park West that had some erosion issues.  The GROC trail crew made the decision to armor it using some concrete rubble .  This material is abundantly available from an old dump site not far from the Homewood Lane trail head.  On a previous work day a significant length of this work was done.  This morning a group went out to finish the job.  I joined in.

There we're five of us.  The main work area was small, so a few worked there and a few did support work, like hauling stone and gravel.  We also did some other minor fixes in the area for drainage and such.

Here's a collage of the previous work showing before, during, and after:

 Here is the small section that was added today.  Since it's only a slight incline and won't be too slippery, we left some gravel on the surface that will work itself into the joints over time.
 Generally we're not in the business of paving the trails, but in areas such as this, where erosion is inevitable, it makes sense.  This section has been informally labeled "The Patio" for obvious reasons.  All it needs is a table and chairs!

I'm looking forward to my next ride at BPW to give The Patio a muni test.

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