Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dryer: Prune in June

I went back to Dryer this morning for some light trail work. There were about a dozen of us and we cut back the vegetation along the sides of Epping Forest and, I believe, Gully Down. The two head guys, Rick and Victor, fixed some of the Epping Forest trail where mud has been an issue. One fix was a reroute.

After the work, I rode a bit. I tried to ride up Kasha again, but got hung up on a root and walked the top section. I headed directly to Chutes and Ladders to see if I could do any better without riding Epping Forest first. I did have more energy and climbed more, but still I couldn't ride some. I'll keep working on it. I was able to get over a good log pile though. I also got higher up Elevator, but at one point the grade increases and it feels impossible. Maybe someday I'll be more capable.

I rode back down, rested for a minute, and headed back up Kasha. This time I made the climb! Then I rode Tree Beard and Ziggy and headed back down.
I rode just over 4 miles according to my cycle computer.

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